You are the product of divinity; act like it.



We are a team of Motivators, Counselors, Life Coaches and Pastors who love people and appreciate nice things. Along with inspiring others to be and do their best, we pride ourselves in offering high quality lifestyle products that contain messages of inspiration, motivation and wisdom.


Greatness is the norm


Use inspirational branding to encourage ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things.


To inspire, motivate and encourage greatness in others.



because we know that you are greater than you think you are worth it.
We believe that human life is the most valuable thing on earth, that we are all here for a reason. We also understand the power of motivation, inspiration and wisdom. Pur-Pose was created to remind people of who they are and why they are here. We strive to empower others to be and do their best by using our products as billboards to deliver messages of hope, wisdom and courage.

Brand Colours

Rose Bud Cherry

This colour is from the purple/violet family which represents dignity, royalty and wisdom.

It is made from the combination of the passion and fire of red with the calmness, integrity and spirituality of blue.

It is a symbol of the unity and balance between body and soul. It is the colour of the humanitarian and the artist because they use their wisdom, creativity and power to inspire others and make the world a better place.

Next time you wear this colour, remember it is the colour of royalty, dignitaries and pur-pose driven people.

Pizza Gold

This colour is from the yellow/gold family. Gold is the colour of winners.  It represents wealth, success, confidence, wisdom and compassion. Yellow, on the other hand, represents life, light and joy.

As precious and expensive as Gold is however, much work is required for it to be refined and appreciated.  People tend to be the same.

We chose these colours because they truly represent our brand. We want to use our wisdom, wealth, light, joy, faith, power, talents and passion to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

At the moment Pur-Pose is focused on the PSALM 23:4 Blade sneakers. Our plan for the near future is to provide you with a variety of other Footwear, t-shirts, mugs, gadgets and jewelry with powerful messages of wisdom, hope and encouragement.