Fear is the evil twin of faith.  Faith and fear are both generated by what we believe.  If I believe that I am safe, or will be safe, I am at peace; on the other hand, if I believe that I am in danger, or will be, then I am terrified.  If I lose my job I can still be at peace if I believe I will get another job or a better job soon.  If on the other hand, I believe that I will never find another job or a better job then the fear of  poverty, homelessness, bad credit and embarrassment will fill my soul. The point is, fear is a choice.

Faith is believing in goodness always; fear is believing in the bad.  This is important to know because we often receive what we believe.  The things we fear the most, often find us because beliefs are powerful magnets in our soul, pulling towards us the very content of our faith.  We have a choice to be fearful or faithful, it all depends on what we want in life. 

Fear is an enemy of progress; the denier of destiny.  We who intend to live a fulfilling life must completely cast out fear from our being.  We must hope in the mercy, kindness, love and goodness of the Creator, always believing that we are blessed, capable and worthy of every good thing He has to offer. 

It is important that we are intentional in the battle against fear.  We must consistently remind ourselves of who we are and why we should not fear. We must hang posters and photos of anything that reminds us to be bold and confident, read about the victories and success of others and use regular affirmations to replace fear with faith. 

Pur-Pose has released a new sneakers called PSALM 23:4 BLADE Sneakers. It is a good reminder to walk and live fearlessly.  Psalm 23:4 is a verse of Scripture written by King David of Israel, which states; 

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” 

It is evident in these few words that King David who defeated the giant Goliath, is a fearless man. Fearless because he is confident in the power of good over evil.  This makes the Psalm 23:4 shoes a perfect reminder that we should be  fearless and confident.  It is interesting to note that the words “fear not” are found 365 times in the Holy Bible.

Psalm 23:4 Blade Sneakers

This is the message of Pur-Pose and the Psalm 23:4 Blade sneakers. We want you to walk into destiny with assurance and authority.  You deserve to be here on the planet and you deserve the good life that the Creator has planned for you.  The question is, what do you really believe?

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