You are the designer of your destiny; make it great!


Financial Wisdom

1) Don’t save; invest. When you save, you work for money. When you invest, money works for you.  Unless you are saving for a short term goal, like saving to buy a low cost item that you want soon, it is far more beneficial to invest your money.  When you save over the look term, the rapidly decreasing value of the dollar will depreciate your savings. In simple terms, $100 ten years from now will be worth less than it does now. On the other hand when you invest your money it grows over time with no effort on your part.

 2) Don’t invest all your money in the same place, spread it around. That means if one investment goes bad, you don’t lose all your money.

3) Wealth takes time; therefore, patience is required. When you invest, don’t gamble, take, take the time to make sensible decisions on low risks investments that are guaranteed to earn and not burn money.


1) If you cant buy it cash, you can’t afford it.  If you don’t absolutely need it, leave it.  

Health Wisdom

All the battles of life a won and lost in the mind.

1) Your thoughts are creating your experience; therefore, discipline you thoughts to only think about what is pure, true, lovely and desirable.

2) Never think idle thoughts; you run the risk of conditioning your mind to generate foolishness. Always put the mind to good use so that the mind is conditioned to produce.

3) Never deceive yourself or choose to belief a lie.

4) Double mindedness leads to unstable personality, character and lifestyle; therefore, never doubt yourself and your beliefs.  

5) Self confidence and confidence in God is essential to a productive mind.

6) Never worry, fear or stress; these are enemies of humanities health and progress.

7) Pray and meditate regularly about the goodness of God, who you are, what you are here to do and what you desire.  Never stop praying about these, it refreshes the mind and body, keeps the mind focused and aligns your life with God’s plan.

8) Always forgive. Love is like oil to the mind and unforgiveness hinders the flow of love.  The negative energy of anger, hate, bitterness, envy and jealousy interrupts the proper functioning of the mind.  This further leads to the fast deterioration of the body. 

 9) Sleep is essential to a healthy mind.  Lack of proper sleep leads to psychological damage which has a negative impact on both emotions and behaviour.  Depression and anxiety can be induced due to insufficient rest. Healthy body, healthy mind.

10)  Always challenge, teach and feed the mind positive messages, wisdom and knowledge.


Your body is the temple of God and the place where your spirit dwells.

1) What you think and feel is a major part of your body’s health. Think right, think truth, think pure and get rid of negative emotions.  If the mind and thoughts are sick the body follows.

2) Eat to live; don’t live to eat. Eat right; less artificial foods, less salt, less sugar, less oil, less carbohydrates.  Don’t eat too much. Don’t eat at nights. 

3) Get good sleep. Too much sleep has negative effects on the body; too little sleep also deteriorates the body and makes it prone to diseases.  

4) Exercise regularly  to increase energy, fight diseases and maintain youthfulness.

5) Avoid drugs and reduce alcohol intake.

6) Stay active in your daily life. Be busy making the world a better place.

Relationship Wisdom

1) Always accept who you are and what you have done. Self rejection, self punishment, self condemnation and self hate are self defeating and life debilitating.

2) Forgive yourself; no matter what.

3) Self discipline is the key to progress and development in any area of life. Always be in charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

4) Challenge yourself to be more and do better.

5) know who you are; decide who you will be, but first know that you are the masterpiece of the Creator of all things, the son of The Living God and light of the world.

6) Never overindulge self neither in pleasure or pain.

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General Wisdom